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Generates poms for Apache OFBiz using a Nexus maven repository reference
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Mavenizer README
14 July 2011
Eric Bowman

This is a tool for creating robust poms of the individual OFBiz artifacts,
and assembling artifacts to deploy to a Nexus repository.

1. YOU MUST START WITH A CLEAN BUILD. This process modifies the ofbiz jars
(by adding things to them that need to be on the class path), so do:

    ant clean build
EVERY TIME, before you do this.

2. Let's call the ofbiz directory, ${ofbiz.home}.  

3. Everytime we mavenize, we need to decide on a version for all these artifacts.
You may keep using the same version, but it's not recommended, since there is no
good way for everyone to flush their local maven repository. You probably
want to tag this version in source control as well.  The file
${ofbiz.home}/ofbiz.version is a textfile that holds the ofbiz version; you'll need
to create that file if it doesn't exist, and update it so that this process can use
the value it finds in that file. If you are working against a pristeen OFBiz
version, it might just be that version (e.g., 10.04). If you have made changes,
you probably wish to give it your own version.

4. Next, create a config file that has two things, the location of ${ofbiz.home},
and the URL to the Nexus Lucene search API.  Something like this:

    ofbiz {
        home = "/Users/ebowman/tomtom/dps/ofbiz"

    nexus {
        searchUrl = "http://nlsrvup-nex01:8082/nexus/service/local/lucene/search?"
        deployUrl = "http://nlsrvup-nex01:8082/nexus/content/repositories/thirdparty"
        repositoryUrl = "http://nlsrvup-nex01:8082/nexus/content/groups/public"
        repositoryId = "central"

Hopefully you can figure out URLs that work against your Nexus server.  The repositoryId
should map to a repository in your settings.xml file, which supplies credentials to use

5. First, we need to make sure that all of the ofbiz external dependencies (in
its various lib directories) are in Nexus. To do this, you run the Java application
"com.tomtom.dps.mavenizer.graph.DependencyDeployer", passing the path to your config
file as the first argument.

This program will scan the ${ofbiz.home} directory, looking for jars which are not
already in Nexus, and will interrogate Nexus in order to to generate the maven
deploy:deploy-file commands to missing jars into Nexus with a reasonable
groupId/artifactId/version.  In some cases it will present several possibilities.
Basically you should go through what this program prints out, cherry pick the commands
you want to run, and then run them as a bash script, to deploy missing OFBiz external
dependencies to Nexus.

The deploy commands look something like:

    # For antisamy-bin.1.2.jar there are 2 possibilities
    mvn deploy:deploy-file -DartifactId=antisamy -DgroupId=org.owasp.antisamy -Dversion=1.2 \
        -Dfile=/Users/ebowman/tomtom/dps/ofbiz/framework/base/lib/antisamy-bin.1.2.jar \
        -Durl=http://nlsrvup-nex01:8082/nexus/content/repositories/thirdparty \
        -DrepositoryId=central -Dpackaging=jar
    mvn deploy:deploy-file -DartifactId=antisamy -DgroupId=org.owasp -Dversion=1.2 \
        -Dfile=/Users/ebowman/tomtom/dps/ofbiz/framework/base/lib/antisamy-bin.1.2.jar \
        -Durl=http://nlsrvup-nex01:8082/nexus/content/repositories/thirdparty \
        -DrepositoryId=central -Dpackaging=jar

You can run the program like:

    mvn -o install exec:java \
        -Dexec.mainClass=com.tomtom.dps.mavenizer.dependency.DependencyDeployer \

6. Once everything is in Nexus, you can run a different program,
com.tomtom.dps.mavenizer.dependency.PomGenerator.  By default, this program
will check again that everything is in Nexus; you can skip this step by
including --skip-nexus-check on the command line (since that check takes a few
minutes).  The app expects the first argument to be the path to your config file.

This program will generate a pom.xml file for each module in OFBiz, that
contains a proper set of dependencies in the pom, that includes both the
external dependencies (as found in the module's lib directory), as well as the
dependencies within OFBiz itself.

As it generates pom.xml files, it also generates src.jar files, and prints out
the maven deploy:deploy-file commands to deploy the jar files themselves, their
poms, and their associated source files.

This program will also scan the various ofbiz-module.xml files in order to find
things that a particular module needs on the command line, but which are not in
the jar.  It will add them to the jar (which is why you need to do a clean build
each time -- the program is not (unfortunately) idempotent.)

Unlike the previous step, these commands should work as-is, assuming your
configuration is correct.  When it's done, the poms are in place (and should
be checked in), and you can run the commands it spit out to deploy the jars
to Nexus.

The program also create a compressed tarball of the entire ${ofbiz.home} directory,
excluding .jar and .class files, and prints out the command to deploy it to Nexus.

You can run the program like:

    mvn -o install exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=com.tomtom.dps.mavenizer.dependency.PomGenerator \
        -Dexec.args="/Users/ebowman/tomtom/dps/my.config --skip-nexus-check"

The program will spit out lines like:

# Writing /Users/ebowman/tomtom/dps/ofbiz/framework/example/pom.xml
mvn deploy:deploy-file -Dfile=/Users/ebowman/tomtom/dps/ofbiz/framework/example/build/lib/ofbiz-example.jar \
    -DpomFile=/Users/ebowman/tomtom/dps/ofbiz/framework/example/pom.xml \
    -Durl=http://nlsrvup-nex01:8082/nexus/content/repositories/thirdparty \
    -DrepositoryId=central -Dpackaging=jar
mvn deploy:deploy-file -Dfile=/Users/ebowman/tomtom/dps/ofbiz/framework/example/src.jar \
    -DpomFile=/Users/ebowman/tomtom/dps/ofbiz/framework/example/pom.xml \
    -Durl=http://nlsrvup-nex01:8082/nexus/content/repositories/thirdparty \
    -DrepositoryId=central -Dpackaging=jar -Dclassifier=sources

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