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collection of civil engineering tools in FreeCAD
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FreeCAD Civil Engineering Workbench

A collection of civil engineering tools in FreeCAD.




At present this workbench includes two different functionalities:

Shear Punching

This reads an excel output from CSI Safe software and calculate shear punching ratio.


This converts a combined steel section to one standard section (I shape) to be imported in CSI Etabs for checking classification of compact level of section.


Debian 10 (Buster)

$ sudo apt install freecad-python3
$ sudo update-alternatives --set freecad /usr/lib/freecad/bin/freecad-python3
$ sudo apt install git python3-pandas
$ mkdir -p $HOME/.FreeCAD/Mod
$ cd $HOME/.FreeCAD/Mod
$ git clone 


Forum thread to discuss this workbench can be found in the FreeCAD Subforums


Pull Requests are welcome. Please feel free to discuss them on the forum thread.

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