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New Bootstrap 2 theme

This is a slightly updated "Bootstrap 2" theme.

You can find live example of it on my site.

This is (yet another) theme for Pelican inspired by Twitter Bootstrap 2.0.

It makes use of Font-Awesome icons, supports tag_cloud, translation, and try to keep other features from Pelican's default theme notmyidea.

Also you can see its result from my Github Page. It will be updated using latest theme.

Feel free to use it.

New features

  • Yandex.metrica - analytica from yandex. Use "YANDEX_METRYKA"
  • Shortmail - shortmail widget. Use "SHORT_MAIL"
  • Footer note template - you can set your footer note from config with "FOOTER_NOTE" variable or just simple edit "footer.html" file.
  • Add Twitter share button to post title.
  • etc.
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