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Solder Exhaust Fan

Solder Exhaust Fan Base model of the solder exhaust fan near completion

This project was collaboratively developed by the Fall 2017 AC/DC Fundamentals class. Principles in this project provided an application of Ohm's Law and calculating voltage and current on a standard computer fan using a digital multimeter. The project introduced soldering, circuit design/schematic drawing, component selection, electronic product design, and iteration. This project became a regular tool in the lab used by these students and more to work on projects and safely solder in the lab space.

Exhaust Fan Use Life is better with less solder fumes. The exhaust fan in action...

Bill of Materials


Materials Quantity
300X600mm Sheet of 5mm Plywood 1
120x120mm Carbon Filter (1/4" Thickness) 1
10-24 x 3" Socket Head/Button Head Bolts 4
10-24 Washers 8
10-24 Lock Nuts 4
120x38mm Brushless Computer Fan 1
SPST Slide Switch 1
5mm LEDs 2
500 Ohm Resistors 2
12VDC Power Supply 1

Arduino Control:

Minimum List plus

  • Arduino Nano
  • 10K Trim Potentiometer
  • 1N4001 Recitifier Diode

555-Timer Control:

Minimum List plus

  • 555 Timer IC
  • 1K Ohm Resistor
  • 4.7K Ohm Resistor
  • 1K Ohm Trim Potentiometer
  • .1uF Ceramic Capacitor
  • 1uF Electrolytic Capacitor
  • 2x 1N4148 Switching Diode

Design Tools:

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