The Python code examples from the SciPy and NumPy O'Reilly book
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Scipy & Numpy book examples

The Python code examples from the SciPy and NumPy O'Reilly book are now on Github. These examples have been optimized to allow the user to execute the scripts with minimal setup. If you're interested in the book, here's an excerpt on the book description from the O'Reilly website.

Are you new to SciPy and NumPy? Do you want to learn it quickly and easily through examples and a concise introduction? Then this is the book for you. You’ll cut through the complexity of online documentation and discover how easily you can get up to speed with these Python libraries.

Ideal for data analysts and scientists in any field, this overview shows you how to use NumPy for numerical processing, including array indexing, math operations, and loading and saving data. You’ll learn how SciPy helps you work with advanced mathematical functions such as optimization, interpolation, integration, clustering, statistics, and other tools that take scientific programming to a whole new level.

The book is example driven, so the code is suppled for the those who bought the book to get up and running more quickly. If you don't have the book are interested in knowing more, check out