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A Java CLI program that generates a GraphQL schema from a JDBC data source.
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RDBMS to GraphQL

This is a command line tool useful for generating a GraphQL schema from an RDBMS database. It currently works with MySQL & PostgreSQL. It can be extended to support other databases.

It offers support for reading tables & columns in a database, detecting foreign key relationships and representing these accurately as a GraphQL schema useful in a GraphQL server for querying the database.


RDBMS to GraphQL.

  rdbms2graphql generate --jdbc-url=<JDBC_URL> --jdbc-driver=<JDBC_DRIVER> --username=<USERNAME> --password=<PASSWORD> [--schema=<SCHEMA>] [--tables=<TABLES>] [--output-dir=<OUTPUT>] [--verbose]
  rdbms2graphql --version
  rdbms2graphql [-h|--help]

  -h --help                   Show this screen.
  --version                   Show version.
  --verbose                   Verbose logging.
  --jdbc-url=<JDBC_URL>       DB JDBC URL.
  --jdbc-driver=<JDBC_DRIVER> FQCN of driver class.
  --username=<USERNAME>       DB Username.
  --password=<PASSWORD>       DB Password.
  --output-dir=<OUTPUT>       Output directory [default: ./generated-schema].
  --schema=<SCHEMA>           Output directory [default: '%'].
  --tables=<TABLES>           CSV list of tables to include [default: '%'].
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