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import _zephyr as _z
import os
from _zephyr import receive, ZNotice
__inited = False
def init():
global __inited
if not __inited:
__inited = True
class Subscriptions(set):
A set of <class, instance, recipient> tuples representing the
tuples that have been subbed to
Since subscriptions are shared across the entire process, this
class is a singleton
def __new__(cls):
if not '_instance' in cls.__dict__:
cls._instance = super(Subscriptions, cls).__new__(cls)
return cls._instance
def __del__(self):
super(Subscriptions, self).__del__()
def _fixTuple(self, item):
if len(item) != 3:
raise TypeError, 'item is not a zephyr subscription tuple'
item = list(item)
if item[2].startswith('*'):
item[2] = item[2][1:]
if '@' not in item[2]:
item[2] += '@%s' % _z.realm()
return tuple(item)
def add(self, item):
item = self._fixTuple(item)
if item in self:
super(Subscriptions, self).add(item)
def remove(self, item):
item = self._fixTuple(item)
if item not in self:
raise KeyError, item
super(Subscriptions, self).remove(item)
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