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Christian songs for little children
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Christian Songs for Little Children

A collection of songs we sing with the kids on Sundays. This is in case someone doesn't have a paper copy handy.

All songs included are in the public domain.

Getting Started

These instructions assume you have Git, Node, and Gulp already installed. If you don't, follow the directions at those websites to install them.

The following commands are executed by typing them into Terminal (on the Mac) or whatever command-line interface comes with your machine:

  1. Clone this repo with the command git clone That will create a sub-directory called songbook containing the project files.
  2. Switch to that directory with the command cd songbook.
  3. Once inside the folder, run npm install to install our dependencies.

You'll only need to run the above commands once.

Once that's done, you can do a few things with this project:

  • To start a local server on your machine for previewing this website, run gulp serve in the directory where you first cloned this project above.
  • The command gulp build (or gulp compile) builds a complete copy of the site to upload to a web server.
  • Run gulp commands to see what else is available.

Getting (More) Started

These instructions broadly share information from the instructions from our starter template, static-boilerplate. The instructions there contain more thorough, detailed notes on what's going on here.

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