The completion of the payflow plugin for CiviCRM (recurring billing)
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The completion of the payflow plugin for CiviCRM (recurring billing).
This version has been tested for Wordpress, but the logic should remain the same for others also.


SQL changes: run the "install.sql" script to create an additional table, enable PayflowPro to be able to handle recurring payments and create a cron job within CiviCRM to handle the recurring updates.

Cron Job: a cron job needs to be set up on the server running CiviCRM (see Civi documentation on how to do that)


  • / wp-content / plugins / civicrm / civicrm / CRM / Core / Payment / PayflowPro.php
  • adds table "civicrm_payflowpro_recur"
  • updates table "civicrm_payment_processor_type" to use recurring
  • inserts into table "civicrm_job" a new job for to be executed


The sql file was tested on civicrm 4.2.8. The Job table differs in 4.3 in that the "api_prefix" column is not existent anymore