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Broadcast to IP conversion for Wifi indoor coverage
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Broadcast to IP conversion for Wifi indoor coverage

The goal of the this project is to have a full working solution in order to provide terrestrial television, for any indoor Wi-Fi network, that can be access on any portable device. In order to achieve this we have set a few requirements in order to have a standardized solution that can fulfill any demand from the user perspective. These are the following:

  • 2 or more DVB-T tuners
  • Good image quality and response
  • Interoperability with all devices (Android, iOS, etc.)
  • Does not block your Wi-Fi for TV only
  • Plug and play and easy to use
  • Multiple user capabilities for watching different programs
  • Interoperability with other SAT>IP servers
  • EPG / Subtitles / HbbTV
  • Wireless connectivity to our network
  • Build-in storage / usb ports / network storage
  • Recording capabilities
  • Be accessible from any device that haves a browser


  1. Introduction
  2. Goal
  3. Sat>IP overview
  4. Discovery state machine
  5. RTSP state machine
  7. DVBlast overview
  8. T2IP Server implementation
  9. Results and utilization
  10. Future work
  11. Conclusion and Reference


Contact: Walid Sami

Copyright & license

Copyright (c) 2015, EBU-UER Technology & Innovation

The code is under BSD (3-Clause) License. (see LICENSE)

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