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Once a web application authenticates a user, it loosely associates all resources owned by the user to the web session established. Consequently, any scripts injected into the victim web session attains unfettered access to user-owned resources, including scripts that are committing malicious activities inside a web application. In this paper, we establish the first explicit notion of user sub-origins to defeat such scripts. Based on this notion, we propose a new solution called UserPath to establish an end-to-end trusted path between the web application users and web servers. To evaluate our solution, we implement a prototype in Chromium, and retrofit it to 20 popular web applications. UserPath reduces the size of client-side TCB that has access to user-owned resources by 8x to 264x, with minimal developer effort.

Repo Structure:

web-app-mods: Summary of source code modification in case studies.

chromium-patch: Patches to chromium and web apps.

techreport: The technical report for UserPath.

Wiki Pages/DEMO Video URLs: UserPath demo videos.