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UPnP "Control Point" Library for NodeJS.

A module for NodeJS written in JavaScript to interface with UPnP compliant devices.

The entire range of UPnP devices aims to be supported through contributors. Currently implemented specifications are:

  • InternetGatewayDevice:1
    • WANDevice:1
      • WANIPConnection:1


This module is still alpha quality, and it's API is a work-in-progress and subject to change!


Discovering UPnP compliant devices on the network is usually the first step in anything UPnP-related:

var upnp = require("upnp");

var controlPoint = new upnp.ControlPoint();
controlPoint.on("deviceAdded", function(err, device) {
    //-> "urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:InternetGatewayDevice:1"
    //-> ""


Once a device is "discovered", there's still not very much known about the device other than it's root device type. The loadDescription function needs to be called on a "device" object to determine which services, child devices, events, etc. the device implements. The prototype of the device object gets extended to reflect the parsed description of the device:

device.loadDescription(function(err) {
  // 'device' is now populated with a lot more properties


Invoking the services that a device exposes is probably your primary concern with interacting with a UPnP device. GetExternalIPAddress is an example of an action exposed from a WANIPConnection service:

device.GetExternalIPAddress(function(err, ip) {
    //-> ""

Event Notification

Individual device "service"s often emit their own events when certain properties of the device change. Use the notification event of Device or Service instances to invoke a callback whenever a notification is emitter from the device:

device.on("notification", function(properties) {
  for (var i in properties) {
    console.log(i + ": " + properties[i]);