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OFFLINE; Singe page Angular Web App that runs each Evolution Analysis Tool created in UVic's Software Evolution (SENG 371). Summer 2014
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Quick Links

Detailed project plan (In Wiki)

Work Log (In Wiki)

Video Demonstration

"About" page


Question: Can we bring together all tools built as part of Project 1 into one cohesive tool?

Background info: UVic's SEng 371 January 2015 course had a total of 10 groups who were each tasked with answering their own question about software evolution. Questions such as "Are the number of features related to the number of bugs?" were investigated.

Project 1's goal was to develop a methodology for answering said question, and deliver a tool that could be repeatedly executed and return meaningful, visualized results.

Project 2: This is our evolution tool, an online web application split into two parts: an Education and Research Center. The former will include content from this course such as the 8 laws of evolution and links to classic books such as Fred Brook's "Mythical Man Month." The Research Center will allow any user to simply click a button and run any of Project 1's tools via the web app. Users can either select a tool by question they'd like answered or codebase they'd like to research.

Comments and feedback at any time are more than welcome! For direct contact, feel free to email Otherwise, leave a public issue for us!


  1. Project repo & run instructions

  2. Evidence of project management (i.e., visual bar graph of our estimated time requirements and actual time spent; risk assessment?)

  3. Narrated video presentation of project and results (+ strong conclusion/summary of our project. Success? Fail?)


Our project:

  • Why we used the methods
  • How it worked
  • What could have been done better

Run Instructions (without Heroku)

  • Download and extract repository .zip file
  • Open command line within folder containing server.js
  • Execute 'npm install'
  • Execute 'node server.js'
  • Execute 'node apiserver.js'
  • Navigate to http://localhost:8080/
  • Voila!

Learning goals: languages/tools

  • AngularJS, NodeJs + express (MEAN stack; front-end)
  • Grunt
  • Yeoman
  • Bower
  • Saas-compass
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