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A screenshot demonstration

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#Here's what it Looks like!

We know that everyone may not have the time to download and try the application for themselves, and may not be interested in watching our demo video. So here are a few key screens that we thought you might be interested in seeing!

Home Page


Welcome to our application! This is the first thing you see when you open the application.

The app is build in a modularized fashion such that all content in the middle - from the big header to the center images - are injected into the main index page which contains only our header (navigation bar) and footer.

Let's check out the Education Center first.

Education Center


This is the splash screen for the information-dense part of the application. If you follow any of the links to the right, you'll be taken to another page with interesting information. You'll notice there's a link to Fred Brook's famed "Mythical Man Month." Following any of the links below will open up some of the papers (.pdf) we read as class assignments.

The remaining information is presented in a blog-format. The idea here is that future classes could include the main topic of each lesson in this way.

Before we move on, let's check out something super cool about the app. If you look at the bottom left, you'll notice two radio buttons. That's right - you can change the color scheme of the entire application! This doesn't change as you change the current injected page since this change is stored on the primary index page.


Now let's check out that first post.

Sample Lesson Post


Here's what a future lesson post could look like. For the current user, we've included the 8 laws as we learnt them in class. This shows how the application could be used an informative reference for future research projects.

In sum, that's the Education Center! Why don't we take a peek at the Research Center now?

Research Center Entry


This is the most exciting part of the application; this center is where we bring together all of the student tools built for project 1 and 2 into one cohesive tool. You're able to initiate analysis two ways: by looking at some of the questions students asked, and running their project from there OR by visiting the list of all codebases analysed, and finding out which tool and question you can have answered!


This is the question list. You are able to click on any heading and expand for more information about that question, including a short summary about the tool and who built the tool (via GitHub username). Some projects have both a 'Run Project' and 'Visit Repository' button, while some only have the latter due to a number of manual steps required that we were not able to automate.

Check out our video for a demonstration of one of these tools successfully executing!


This is the list of all codebases analyzed this semester! In a similar format as the questions/project list, expand any codebase for a short description of what it is, as well as a bulleted list of question(s) asked on that code base, along with the appropriate 'Run Project' and 'Visit Repository' buttons.

We're pretty proud of this project, and would love it if you took the time to view the video or actually give our application a try! If you're willing, leave a comment on our "Issues" page! Any sort of comment is welcome - we're still learning and would love words of encouragement, critique, and hints. No matter what, we'll try to get back to you within 24 hours.

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