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🤯 A trivial Vagrant helper
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Table of contents


kapo is a small utility that leverages on Vagrant, VirtualBox, and other tools, to make it easier to manage virtual machines. The word kapo is Esperanto for head (noun), hence the idea of control and management.


Simply copy kapo into ~/bin/ or /usr/local/bin/ and everything should work.

cp kapo ~/bin
chmod +x ~/bin/kapo

Basic usage

When no config files exist, kapo creates a default one in ~/.kaporc. The basic .kaporc defines the latest stable versions of Ubuntu, Debian, and NixOS.

To fetch the latest stable version of Ubuntu:

$ kapo up ubuntu

To connect to it via SSH:

$ kapo ssh ubuntu

To display its date:

$ kapo ssh coreos date

To display its uname:

$ kapo ssh coreos -- uname -a

To check its status:

$ kapo status ubuntu

To shut the machine down, run:

$ kapo down ubuntu

To remove the machine’s entry:

$ kapo delete ubuntu

To add a machine spec to the configuration:

$ kapo add centos=centos/7

To delete the above spec from the configuration:

$ kapo remove centos=centos/7

To list the installed machines:

$ kapo machines

To list the available boxes, as defined in your configuration:

$ kapo boxes


Standard boxes

To add boxes that are official supported, for example laravel/homestead, run:

kapo add laravel=laravel/homestead

To bring it up, run:

kapo up laravel

Custom boxes

Let’s presume that you already have a project with a Vagrantfile in it, which lives in:


To add its entry to kapo, run:

kapo add bananas=DUMMY

Create a link:

kapo link ~/Desktop/work/bananas/vagrant bananas

Then, bring it up:

kapo up bananas

Configuration file

The .kaporc file is just a simple file that gets sourced by the script. The format is:


Where vm_name stands for the alias to use with kapo and box_name stands for boxes that are found in

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