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This is a collection of scripts written in Common Lisp. This repo started as a fork of fare-scripts. The mksum subsystem was implemented by zhaqenl.

System dependencies

  • sbcl
  • cl-launch
  • make

Use your system package manager to install the above.

Lisp dependencies

  • inferior-shell
  • local-time
  • ironclad
  • clon
  • cl-launch
  • fare-utils
  • cl-scripting
  • mof

You may install the above with:

$ sbcl --noinform --eval "(mapc #'ql:quickload '(:inferior-shell :local-time :ironclad :clon :cl-launch :fare-utils :cl-scripting))" --quit
$ cd ~/common-lisp
$ git clone


To install the scripts to ~/bin, run:

$ make install


The file default.nix is used with by the shell and rshell scripts to spawn a nix-shell containing programs and library dependencies conducive to Common Lisp development.

To load it directly, change to this repository’s directory then run:

$ nix-shell