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BETTER Hackathon 2020 Exercise 4: Semantic Geo-Clustering with SANSA

The exercise will feature the deployment of a pre-setup Docker image on Linux OS.


  • Docker Engine >= 1.13.0
  • docker-compose >= 1.10.0
  • Around 10 GB of disk space for Docker images
  • Around 8 GB of RAM on the hosting computer and 4 GB on the Docker image

Preparation before the Hackathon

  1. Clone the Hackathon Project from here:

  2. The Hackathon requires installation of Python, SANSA, Hadoop, Apache Spark and Apache Zeppelin. But do not worry! We have installed them all in a docker image, ready to download and use on the go.

  3. To use the docker image you will need:

  1. After Installation, configure Docker:
sudo usermod -aG docker %username%

This allows to run docker commands without sudo prefix (necessary for running make targets).

Get the hackathon jar file (requires wget):


Start the cluster (this will lead to downloading BDE docker images, will take a while):

make up

To load the data to your cluster simply do:

make load-data

You are now ready for the hackathon!

Starting page on the day of hackathon

When start-up is done you will be able to access the following interfaces:

Go on and open Zeppelin, make a new notebook and wait for the moderator to start the session. Apache Zeppelin RDF POI


To restart Zeppelin without restarting the whole stack:

make restart

Stop the whole stack:

make down

Executing hackathon From Command Line

It is also possible to execute the applications from the command line. Get SANSA-Examples jar and start the cluster if you already have not done it:

make up
make load-data

Repository info.

  • The instructions from this repo were tested on Ubuntu 18.04 and Macos 10.15.5 with Docker engine 17.03. and Docker engine 19.03.13

  • This repository holds a docker-compose.yml for running Hadoop/Spark cluster locally.

  • The cluster also includes Hue for navigation and copying file to HDFS.

  • The notebooks are created and run using Apache Zeppelin.


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