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ECL - Europa Component Library
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ECL v2 - Europa Component Library

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The Europa Component Library (ECL) is a library of components applicable to all European Commission websites (hosted under domain). The library contains all available components which you can use to build your website.

The Digital Transformation team (DTT) - a cross European Commission team led by DGs COMM, DIGIT, and DTT - is the owner of this library.

All library elements are accompanied with

  • documentation: what the component is intended for and recommendations regarding its usage
  • demo: visual representation of the component
  • code: technologically agnostic HTML/CSS code for implementation


Read the technical documentation on GitHub.

Quick start

The ECL is bundled in various presets in order to accomodate the different needs of everyone. Once you know which preset you want to use, you can:

  • download the latest release of the preset of your choice

  • install the preset with npm or yarn, e.g. npm install @ecl/ec-preset-website or yarn add @ecl/ec-preset-website

  • use the CDN, https://cdn{1,2,3 or 4}{tag}/{preset}/{path/to/the/asset}. Here's an example:

      integrity="sha256-/sT3apQa2GaJ8o90vDVyVYWCWQrbgLnquOuwe0CSwZA= sha384-SjVsHwST5vXRVSO++I64bmZ67ABq3C0mcyDNLBWt1Y9OD2z/dkj2pX+c2+Y/FMUE sha512-hfyL0S0E3Qo4/wJ8cxiEhi7l1yYNSq4/u5YRMTdEjPa5/MAB1clSqPHtgTI3YtnOdq4ewu3BkmGcd4VI9S1IUg=="
      integrity="sha256-Jc39hPNlJbxo7m5wO7Fb23BfT4VX1PYMi6/fxIKsHCc= sha384-GNmYY8w7ypnny808T8ZPnm5TLMoMd8ADObKPZ2gRRCW967JrMqDmpsHF3k0i/XJQ sha512-Xit5gQZktqSPrucMNwVTHKcJcGyFbrP7F1oMihQDJ9dDdrZALnw1LrUcxCyD+Kb5SE27DfBwLzPLnortfZytyQ=="
      integrity="sha256-rXNGwt2MQ1k+n9CvL7I13sWakQl5t7gJhYKseynWX90= sha384-ajZqQ5o0363ZcwzjJ1vV0yEKaO6gzWAlD6L3O7m7iqBJPnddrQezp5oorZ1/SlpX sha512-R5maBtyEu0xkD1sOzT7AfB1sHXGWyKQth0WPUm7+qz+iwG2PFu/XDBOBxm9N52/PbjvgVQKM0pj2wfoJMvHj7w=="

Need help?

Please contact COMM Europa Management for support on using this resource for a European Commission website.

Previous major versions

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