@sandervd sandervd released this Sep 13, 2018 · 1431 commits to develop since this release

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New features

ISAICP-4544: A link to the newsletter has been added in the footer of the website
ISAICP-4607, ISAICP-4647, ISAICP-4649, ISAICP-4651, ISAICP-4673, ISAICP-4726, ISAICP-4731, ISAICP-4732: Various actions for the implemtation of the dashboard of the Tallinn declaration.


ISAICP-2485: e-mail adresses now get validated when a user wants to change it
ISAICP-4368: Confirmation email gets send when a user uses the contact form
ISAICP-4655: Allow collection facilitators to filter members by role
ISAICP-4715: A report for moderators to list all facilitators and owners for collections
ISAICP-4730: Allow custom pages to show shared content

Bug fixes

ISAICP-4541: Issue with cache invalidation on the collections member page, that caused an incorrent number of users to be shown.
ISAICP-4654: A bug was fixed in the contact form, related to the uploading of attachements.
ISAICP-4658: Under certain conditions videos were rendered too large.
ISAICP-4716: A notification contained a wrong link to the Joinup support form.

Technical tasks

ISAICP-4487: Refactoring to better support dereferencing of linked data
ISAICP-4629: The Piwik analytics tools has been renamed to Matomo
ISAICP-4645: Federation of the CTT repository
ISAICP-4653: Update the code that makes the connection with the Triplestore database, so that it is compatible with the new version of Drupal (8.6.x)
ISAICP-4656: A bug was fixed in the test suite of the discussion module.
ISAICP-4661: Mitigating actions were taken to limit the amount of spam on the platform.
ISAICP-4704: The Drupal update to 8.6.x needs some changes in the Joinup codebase.
ISAICP-4718: 'Additional address info' field disabled on event forms.