@claudiu-cristea claudiu-cristea released this Nov 23, 2018 · 1049 commits to develop since this release

Assets 2

New features

  • ISAICP-4609: Custom pages can have a 3-tier structure.
  • ISAICP-4610: Table Of Contents (TOC) for custom pages.
  • ISAICP-4611: Add navigation links to custom pages TOC (Previous/Up/Next).
  • ISAICP-4598: Making contents available within a custom page.
  • ISAICP-4759: New License Report in the reporting part for Moderators.
  • ISAICP-4783: Sort the list of Collection members by all the present criteria.
  • ISAICP-4738: CSV export of all community content & custom pages from a collection.


  • ISAICP-4636: Overview, Members and About pages are excluded from custom pages TOC.
  • ISAICP-4635: Theme the custom pages TOC.
  • ISAICP-4684: Allow the HTML tag in user edited markup.
  • ISAICP-4666: Theme the table of content outline.
  • ISAICP-4547: Nesting custom pages only under other custom pages in the collection menu.
  • ISAICP-4851: Tallinn: Rounding the CSV values & provide an explanation.
  • ISAICP-4833: Style the custom page query builder.
  • ISAICP-4882: Update Joinup to Drupal to 8.6.3.
  • ISAICP-4659: Theme the User search form.

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-4018: Fix the ADMS custom page floating image issue.
  • ISAICP-4725: Fix the order of collections in the "reporting" of Facilitators and Owners.
  • ISAICP-4806: Fix the Redis lock mechanism.
  • ISAICP-4842: Fix TOC epic tests.
  • ISAICP-4451: Form elements with validation errors are not highlighted.
  • ISAICP-4809: Fix the error when a user without an E-mail gets saved.
  • ISAICP-4528: Fix wrong predicates in licences.
  • ISAICP-4837: Newsletter tiles not shown in a proper way within a custom page.
  • ISAICP-4287: Fix the RDF type mappings for Asset, AssetRepository and AssetDistribution.
  • ISAICP-4886: Tallinn: Fix a regression that caused the legend dots to overlap.
  • ISAICP-4693: Regression: Users latest articles, news, event not in the right chronological order.
  • ISAICP-4898: Regression: Search results order.


  • ISAICP-4497: RDF entity: Limit the default of graphs when no candidate graphs are passed.
  • ISAICP-4491: Some Behat tests are skipped.
  • ISAICP-4352: Update the Search API ecosystem.
  • ISAICP-4848: Lock RDF Entity because of a regression in the latest release.
  • ISAICP-4714: Remove Piwik modules codebase.
  • ISAICP-4843: Upgrade path to switch from subpages block to TOC block.
  • ISAICP-4824: Improve the UAT deploy workflow.
  • ISAICP-4807: Use Redis as cache backend in UAT test for production switch.