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  • v1.58.0
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  • v1.58.0
  • c58dbe0
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@claudiu-cristea claudiu-cristea released this Mar 20, 2020 · 7 commits to master since this release

New features

  • ISAICP-5650: RSS Feed for Solutions
  • ISAICP-5584: Move solutions from one collection to the other
  • ISAICP-5801: Define new pipeline for federation
  • ISAICP-5017: Show update date on Documents, News and Discussions
  • ISAICP-5684: Add a label that states which release version is running
  • ISAICP-5411: Generate metadata for the Discussion entity
  • ISAICP-5408: Generate metadata for the Event entity
  • ISAICP-5407: Generate separate sitemap for news
  • ISAICP-5406: Generate metadata for the News entity
  • ISAICP-5208: Static code analysis: check for deprecated code


  • ISAICP-5702: Changes to the logo area on tiles
  • ISAICP-5666: Indicate which fields are mandatory on the 'add solution' and 'add collection' form pages
  • ISAICP-5671: Improve collection/solution content creation field
  • ISAICP-5698: Remove the keywords displayed on news tiles
  • ISAICP-5791: Don't allow abuse of password recovery
  • ISAICP-5844: Prohibit linking UID1 with a CAS account. Don't limit its access
  • ISAICP-5609: Ruby Sass has reached End-Of-Life. Replace with SCSSPHP
  • ISAICP-5556: Update SEO code to new config deployment approach
  • ISAICP-5402: Implementation of some SEO specifics in Joinup

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-5882: Error while trying publish a document in Collection as facilitator
  • ISAICP-5885: Browser output in PHPUnit tests no longer works


  • ISAICP-5837: Remove command to generate missing path aliases from deploy script
  • ISAICP-5405: Decide/Provide a concrete way of generating required metadata information
  • ISAICP-5403: Provide an initial sitemap
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