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a backup of an old web site:
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LICENSE has been a MediaWiki installation since about 2005. It was started for the purpose of turning Jerry Dycus's three-wheeler design into an open source car. Much time has elapsed, the car was never put into production, the wiki got overrun with spam, various changes at DreamHost eventually left it broken, and I neglected the admin duties for several years. In the beginning of 2019 I got it working again and then used to extract the wikitext, convert them to markdown, and make a git repo that preserves the chronological editing of the wiki during the most active years, with a whitelist of known users and a blacklist of all other users, such that as far as I know the spam has been omitted. (My apologies if you were a real user and any of your edits got omitted! I found 25 known users and 2673 spammers, but while visually grepping the users list for real users, I could have easily missed some.)

If you want to see what the wiki looked like, you should perhaps start with Main Page and follow links from there.

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