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100644 17 lines (16 sloc) 118 Bytes
9f0cff1 Initial commit.
Sound and Fury authored
1 *~
2 quirc
3 *.o
a439150 @ec429 More Makefile rework, using .d files for dependencies
4 *.d
cad5da2 Don't put tarballs in the repo
Sound and Fury authored
5 *.tar
6 *.tar.gz
7 *.tgz
de4ae60 config: generate much of the config code from a concise descriptions …
ec429 authored
8 genconfig
62617ff Configurable keymapping
ec429 authored
9 genkeymap
963449c Don't commit version.h at all
Sound and Fury authored
10 version.h
d0f7f76 Man page with pointers to full documentation
ec429 authored
11 quirc.1
01d9a3b @ec429 .gitignore: remove some generated code files from the repo
12 config_*
13 c_init.c
14 keymap.c
15 keymod.h
d59bdad @ec429 Generate numeric.h from a master data list (in Python)
16 *.pyc
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