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==quIRC:future plans==
Scripting language. Under development in branch 'script'.
Debug mode. /Every/ message send to or from a server to be displayed in that server's buffer; socket operations would be tracked in (status).
Quiet mode. Don't emit diagnostics for eg. unrecognised IRC traffic (such as numerics).
curses. The current hardwired ANSI-escapes code for painting the screen is clumsy.
Interface separation. The main event loop is currently chock-full of implementation details; it should just be a command parser and marshal. Some work has been done in this direction (0.4.8 changes) but there's a lot left to do.
Input editing. Should use something based on Emacs line editing keys (C-a will mean 'go to start of line', unlike now when it means 'backspace to start of line'!). May be provided by curses - investigate.
wordline() spaces. Currently, wordline() replaces /[ \t]+/ with a single space. This messes up ASCII art (like TFnet's MOTD)
Top status bar. Carry the info in the xterm title and maybe more info besides. Here's an idea for a layout that nicely fits things in.
| 0 16 0 16 0 12
1 8 18 29 48 67 80
If any string (server, channel, nick) is too long to fit its slot, it will be crushed according to the usual crushing rules.
Pidfiles and attaching. When you run quirc, if there is an existing quirc process running, your new instance should simply signal that process to open the requested server/channel in a new tab, and the new instance should then close (after emitting a suitable diagnostic).
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