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#pragma once
quIRC - simple terminal-based IRC client
Copyright (C) 2010-11 Edward Cree
See quirc.c for license information
buffer: multiple-buffer control
#ifndef _GNU_SOURCE
#define _GNU_SOURCE
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <math.h>
#include "ttyesc.h"
#include "colour.h"
#include "config.h"
#include "bits.h"
#include "input.h"
#include "irc.h"
#include "names.h"
#include "text.h"
#include "version.h"
#define LIVE(buf) (bufs[buf].live && bufs[bufs[buf].server].live) // Check liveness
typedef enum
PRIVATE // right now we don't have handy private chat, you just have to /msg in a server or channel
typedef struct _buf
btype type;
char *bname; // "status" or serverloc or #channel or @nick (resp. types)
char *realsname; // real server name (not the same as bname)
name *nlist; // only used for CHANNELs and PRIVATE: linked-list of nicks
name *ilist; // ignore-list
int handle; // used for SERVER: file descriptor
int server; // used by CHANNELs and PRIVATE to denote their 'parent' server. In SERVER||STATUS, points to self. Is an offset into 'bufs'
char *nick; // used for SERVER: user's nick on this server
char *topic; // used for CHANNELs
int nlines; // number of lines allocated
int ptr; // pointer to current unproc line
int scroll; // unproc line of screen bottom (which is one physical line below the last displayed text)
int ascroll; // physical line within [scroll]
colour *lc; // array of colours for lines
char **lt; // array of (unprocessed) text for lines
char **ltag; // array of (unprocessed) tag text for lines
time_t *ts; // array of timestamps for unproc lines (not used now, but there ready for eg. mergebuffers)
bool filled; // buffer has filled up and looped? (the buffers are circular in nature)
bool dirty; // processed lines are out of date? (TODO: make this indicate /which/ are out of date and only re-render those)
int *lpl; // count of processed lines for each line
char ***lpt; // array of processed lines for each line
bool alert; // tab has new messages?
int hi_alert; // high-level alert status: 0 = none; 1: on (if alert then flashing else single flash); 2: off (flashing)
int ping; // ping/idleness status (SERVER)
time_t last; // when was the last RX? (SERVER)
bool namreply; // tab is in the middle of reading a list of NAMES replies (RPL_NAMREPLY)?
bool live; // tab is connected? when checking in a CHANNEL, remember to AND it with the parent's live (use LIVE(buf), defined further up this file)
bool conninpr; // connection in progress? (SERVER only)
ibuffer input; // input history
cmap casemapping; // the SERVER's value is authoritative; the CHANNEL's value is ignored. STATUS's value is irrelevant. Set by ISUPPORT
char *prefixes; // ^^
servlist * autoent; // if this was opened by autoconnect(), this is filled in to point to the server's servlist entry
bool conf; // Conference Mode (hides joins, parts, quits, and /nicks)
int nbufs;
int cbuf;
buffer *bufs;
int nlines;
char **lt;
colour *lc;
time_t *ts;
int errs;
int init_start_buffer(void);
int add_to_start_buffer(colour lc, const char *lt);
int asb_failsafe(colour lc, const char *lt);
int free_start_buffer(void);
int initialise_buffers(int buflines);
int init_buffer(int buf, btype type, const char *bname, int nlines);
int free_buffer(int buf);
int add_to_buffer(int buf, colour lc, const char *lt, const char *ltag);
int redraw_buffer(void);
int render_buffer(int buf);
int render_line(int buf, int uline);
int e_buf_print(int buf, colour lc, message pkt, const char *lead);
int transfer_start_buffer(void);
int push_buffer(void);
void in_update(iline inp);
char *highlight(const char *src); // use ANSI-colours to highlight \escapes. Returns a malloc-like pointer
void titlebar(void);
int findptab(int b, const char *src);
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