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BS 7f
UP 1b5b41
DOWN 1b5b42
LEFT 1b5b44
RIGHT 1b5b43
HOME 1b5b48
END 1b5b46
DELETE 1b5b337e
PGUP 1b5b357e
PGDN 1b5b367e
CUP 1b5b313b3541
AUP 1b5b313b3341
CDOWN 1b5b313b3542
ADOWN 1b5b313b3342
CLEFT 1b5b313b3544
ALEFT 1b5b313b3344
CRIGHT 1b5b313b3543
ARIGHT 1b5b313b3343
CHOME 1b5b313b3548
AHOME 1b5b313b3348
CEND 1b5b313b3546
AEND 1b5b313b3346
CPGUP 1b5b353b357e
APGUP 1b5b353b337e
CPGDN 1b5b363b357e
APGDN 1b5b363b337e
F1 1b4f50
F2 1b4f51
F3 1b4f52
F4 1b4f53
F5 1b5b31357e
F6 1b5b31377e
F7 1b5b31387e
F8 1b5b31397e
F9 1b5b32307e
F10 1b5b32317e
F11 1b5b32337e
F12 1b5b32347e
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