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# Makefile for quIRC
CC := gcc
CFLAGS := -Wall -Wextra -Werror -pedantic -std=gnu99 $(OPTFLAGS)
AWK := gawk
VERSION := `git describe --tags`
PREFIX := /usr/local
# -lanl is for ASYNCH_NL
OPTLIBS := -lanl
LIBS := -lncurses ttyraw.o ttyesc.o irc.o bits.o colour.o buffer.o names.o config.o input.o $(OPTLIBS)
INCLUDE := ttyraw.h ttyesc.h irc.h bits.h colour.h buffer.h names.h config.h input.h quirc.h version.h osconf.h
all: quirc doc
install: all
install -D -m0755 quirc $(PREFIX)/bin/quirc
rm $(PREFIX)/bin/quirc
quirc: quirc.c $(LIBS) $(INCLUDE)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) -o $@ $< $(LIBS) -lm $(DEFINES)
quirc.h: config.h version.h
touch quirc.h
-rm *.o quirc genconfig genkeymap
realclean: clean
-rm c_init.c README version.h config_* keymap.c keymod.h
doc: README config_ref.htm
README: readme.htm
-sed -e "s/&apos;/'/g" -e "s/&quot;/\"/g" < readme.htm | html2text -nobs -o README
# funky make cleverness to generate object files; a %.o /always/ depends on its %.h as well as its %.c
%.o: %.c %.h
$(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) $< -o $@ $(DEFINES)
ttyesc.o: ttyesc.c ttyesc.h bits.h
irc.o: irc.c irc.h bits.h buffer.h colour.h names.h numeric.h osconf.h
irc.h: config.h
touch irc.h
bits.o: bits.c bits.h ttyesc.h colour.h
bits.h: config.h
touch bits.h
colour.o: colour.c colour.h c_init.c ttyesc.h
buffer.o: buffer.c buffer.h ttyesc.h colour.h bits.h names.h text.h irc.h version.h input.h
buffer.h: config.h version.h
touch buffer.h
config.o: config.c config.h names.h bits.h colour.h text.h version.h
config.c: config_check.c config_def.c config_need.c config_rcread.c config_pargs.c config_help.c keymap.c
touch config.c
config.h: config_globals.h version.h keymod.h
touch config.h
config_%: config.cdl genconfig
./genconfig $@ < config.cdl > $@ || (rm $@ && false)
genconfig: genconfig.c
input.h: keymod.h
touch input.h
input.o: input.c input.h ttyesc.h names.h buffer.h irc.h bits.h config.h
input.c: config_set.c
touch input.c
names.o: names.c names.h buffer.h irc.h
script.o: script.c script.h bits.h buffer.h
c_init.c: colour.d c_init.awk
$(AWK) -f c_init.awk colour.d > c_init.c
genkeymap: genkeymap.c
keymod.h: keys genkeymap
./genkeymap h < keys > $@ || (rm $@ && false)
keymap.c: keys genkeymap
./genkeymap c < keys > $@ || (rm $@ && false)
version.h: FORCE
dist: all doc
-mkdir quirc_$(VERSION)
for p in $$(ls); do cp $$p quirc_$(VERSION)/$$p; done;
-rm quirc_$(VERSION)/*.tar.gz
mv quirc_$(VERSION)/distMakefile quirc_$(VERSION)/Makefile
tar -czf quirc_$(VERSION).tar.gz quirc_$(VERSION)/
rm -r quirc_$(VERSION)
dists: c_init.c config.c config.h doc
-mkdir quirc_$(VERSION)_src
for p in $$(ls); do cp $$p quirc_$(VERSION)_src/$$p; done;
-rm quirc_$(VERSION)_src/*.tar.gz
rm quirc_$(VERSION)_src/*.o
rm quirc_$(VERSION)_src/quirc
mv quirc_$(VERSION)_src/distMakefile quirc_$(VERSION)_src/Makefile
tar -czf quirc_$(VERSION)_src.tar.gz quirc_$(VERSION)_src/
rm -r quirc_$(VERSION)_src
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