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BS :key_backspace
UP :key_up
DOWN :key_down
LEFT :key_left
RIGHT :key_right
HOME :key_home
END :key_end
DELETE :key_dc
PGUP :key_ppage
PGDN :key_npage
CUP 1b5b313b3541
AUP 1b5b313b3341
CDOWN 1b5b313b3542
ADOWN 1b5b313b3342
SLEFT :key_sleft
CLEFT 1b5b313b3544
ALEFT 1b5b313b3344
SRIGHT :key_sright
CRIGHT 1b5b313b3543
ARIGHT 1b5b313b3343
SHOME :key_shome
CHOME 1b5b313b3548
AHOME 1b5b313b3348
SEND :key_send
CEND 1b5b313b3546
AEND 1b5b313b3346
CPGUP 1b5b353b357e
APGUP 1b5b353b337e
CPGDN 1b5b363b357e
APGDN 1b5b363b337e
F1 :key_f1
F2 :key_f2
F3 :key_f3
F4 :key_f4
F5 :key_f5
F6 :key_f6
F7 :key_f7
F8 :key_f8
F9 :key_f9
F10 :key_f10
F11 :key_f11
F12 :key_f12
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