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VERSION=$(git describe --tags)
MAJOR=$(echo $VERSION | cut -d . -f 1)
MINOR=$(echo $VERSION | cut -d . -f 2)
REST=$(echo $VERSION | cut -d . -f 3)
REV=$(echo $REST | cut -d - -f 1)
GIT=$(echo $REST | cut -d - -sf 2-)
CCVER=$(cc -v 2>&1 | tail -n 1)
echo "/*
quIRC - simple terminal-based IRC client
Copyright (C) 2010-12 Edward Cree
See quirc.c for license information
version.h: contains version number (generated from git describe)
#pragma once
#define VERSION_MAJ $MAJOR // Major version
#define VERSION_MIN $MINOR // Minor version
#define VERSION_REV $REV // Revision number
#define VERSION_TXT \"$GIT\" // Rest of git describe
#define CC_VERSION \"$CCVER\" // last line of cc -v" > version.h2
if ! cmp version.h version.h2; then mv version.h2 version.h; else rm version.h2; fi
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