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Sound and Fury
Sound and Fury committed Aug 21, 2010
1 parent 959f0a2 commit 4067034ad98a5ab2234fb2031538c1669f98d278
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@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ append_char(). This should be used for all string appension (eg. fgetl())
quoting/escaping tables. Instead of duplicative hard-baked logic, we should have a data-driven system with a single point of truth.
+http links. Command /http <n>, opens the nth previous link in web browser. Links considered to be any word starting "http://"; words are delimited by whitespace. The actual command run is set with $BROWSER,--browser=,/set browser; %s is replaced with the URL. If no browser is registered, return an error. The count <n> is local to each buffer; the most recent link is number 0. If <n> not specified, defaults to 0. Also /http <url> opens <url> in web browser, and /http <n><TAB> replaces <n> with the corresponding <url> (so you can check it's the right link, and ^A it if not).
Top status bar. Carry the info in the xterm title and maybe more info besides. Here's an idea for a layout that nicely fits things in.
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