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Makefile rule to build a source tarball (and do funky things with ver…

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1 parent d563c78 commit 66ea5ebb79e7f4f839b29d22d98eedc990f23bd6 Sound and Fury committed
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14 Makefile
@@ -67,8 +67,20 @@ version.h: version
dist: all doc
-mkdir quirc_$(VERSION)
for p in $$(ls); do cp $$p quirc_$(VERSION)/$$p; done;
- rm quirc_$(VERSION)/*.tar.gz
+ -rm quirc_$(VERSION)/*.tar.gz
+ sed -i -e "s/\.\/gitversion/touch version.h/" -e "s/[g]it describe --tags/\.\/quirc -V 2>\&1 | col | head -n1 | grep -o \"quirc .*\" | tail -c+7/" quirc_$(VERSION)/Makefile
tar -cvvf quirc_$(VERSION).tar quirc_$(VERSION)/
gzip quirc_$(VERSION).tar
rm -r quirc_$(VERSION)
+dists: c_init.c doc
+ -mkdir quirc_$(VERSION)_src
+ for p in $$(ls); do cp $$p quirc_$(VERSION)_src/$$p; done;
+ -rm quirc_$(VERSION)_src/*.tar.gz
+ rm quirc_$(VERSION)_src/*.o
+ rm quirc_$(VERSION)_src/quirc
+ sed -i -e "s/\.\/gitversion/touch version.h/" -e "s/[g]it describe --tags/\.\/quirc -V 2>\&1 | col | head -n1 | grep -o \"quirc .*\" | tail -c+7/" quirc_$(VERSION)_src/Makefile
+ tar -cvvf quirc_$(VERSION)_src.tar quirc_$(VERSION)_src/
+ gzip quirc_$(VERSION)_src.tar
+ rm -r quirc_$(VERSION)_src

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