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commit 811d1bd0271fea917588a0c0f8b55d567b7d9cc3 1 parent 53d0fcf
ec429 authored
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4 Makefile
@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ dist: all doc
for p in $$(ls); do cp $$p quirc_$(VERSION)/$$p; done;
-rm quirc_$(VERSION)/*.tar.gz
mv quirc_$(VERSION)/distMakefile quirc_$(VERSION)/Makefile
- tar -czf quirc_$(VERSION).tar quirc_$(VERSION)/
+ tar -czf quirc_$(VERSION).tar.gz quirc_$(VERSION)/
rm -r quirc_$(VERSION)
dists: c_init.c config.c config.h doc
@@ -115,6 +115,6 @@ dists: c_init.c config.c config.h doc
rm quirc_$(VERSION)_src/*.o
rm quirc_$(VERSION)_src/quirc
mv quirc_$(VERSION)_src/distMakefile quirc_$(VERSION)_src/Makefile
- tar -czf quirc_$(VERSION)_src.tar quirc_$(VERSION)_src/
+ tar -czf quirc_$(VERSION)_src.tar.gz quirc_$(VERSION)_src/
rm -r quirc_$(VERSION)_src
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