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quIRC is a simple terminal-based IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client.  It is written in C.

Commands: are prefixed with a '/'.  Anything else is a message to be sent to the channel.   (The < and > are just markup, don't type them!)
	/server <url>
		Connects to the given server.  At present quIRC can only connect to one server at once.

	/nick <nickname>
		Sets your nickname

	/join <channel>
		Joins the given channel.  At present quIRC can only join one channel at once.

	/me <action>
		Sends an 'action' to the channel.

	/msg <recipient> <message>
		Private message; sends the message to the given recipient.

	/cmd <command>
		Allows you to send a raw command to the server; not recommended.

	/part <channel>
	/leave <channel>
		Leaves (departs) the given channel.

	/quit [<message>]
	/exit [<message>]
		Quits quIRC, optionally sending a 'quit message' to the server.

	quIRC can be configured through an "rc file" as follows.
	In your home directory (/home/username), create a file called ".quirc", and open it in your editor.
	In this file you can set a server, nick and channel to automatically use, with lines
		server <url>
		nick <nickname>
		chan <channel>
	You can also customise the colours quIRC uses.  A custom colour line starts with '%', followed optionally by 'S' or 'R' (only use this colour when Sending or Receiving respectively), followed by an identifier, then space or tab, then four space-separated numbers.  Like this
		%[S|R]<ident>	<fore> <back> <hi> <ul>
	Fore and Back set the foreground and background colours (8 colours each, red=1 green=2 blue=4, add for mixtures, eg white=7).  Hi sets bright, Ul sets underline; both are true if nonzero.
	<ident> can be any of
			Ordinary messages
			Channel-Join notifications
			Channel-Leave notifications
			Nick-change notifications
			Actions ('/me does something')
			error messages
			Unknown commands (splurged to output)
			Unknown numerics (splurged to output)

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