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A Prometheus metrics exporter for monitoring a Tezos node
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Tezos Exporter for Prometheus (WIP)


tezos_exporter produces metrics by querying the RPC methods of a Tezos node.

Getting Started using docker

To get started using the provided docker images, run:

docker run -it --rm --name tezos_exporter ecadlabs/tezos_exporter \
    -tezos-node-url http://YOUR_TEZOS_NODE:8732/

You will need to configure a prometheus server to scrape the metrics from your newly running exporter. Add the following scrape job to your promethus.yml configuration file.

  - job_name: tezos
    scrape_interval: 30s
      - targets: ['EXPORTER_ADDRESS:9489']

Restart promethues, and you should see the new job named tezos by looking at Targets via the prometheus UI.

Metric names are as follows;

  • tezos_node_bootstrapped
  • tezos_node_connections
  • tezos_node_mempool_operations
  • tezos_node_peers
  • tezos_node_points
  • tezos_node_recv_bytes_total
  • tezos_node_sent_bytes_total
  • tezos_rpc_failed

To request a new metric be added, please file a new feature request Issue in the github tracker, or submit a Pull Request. Contributors welcome!

Reporting issues/feature requests

Please use the GitHub issue tracker to report bugs or request features.


To contribute, please check the issue tracker to see if an existing issue exists for your planned contribution. If there's no Issue, please create one first, and then submit a pull request with your contribution.

For a contribution to be merged, it must be well documented, come with unit tests, and integration tests where appropriate. Submitting a "Work in progress" pull request is welcome!

Reporting Security Issues

If a security vulnerability in this project is discovered, please report the issue to or to jevonearth on

Reports may be encrypted using keys published on

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