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Simple example to demonstrate provisioning of a Flogo app through
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Use to provision your flogo app on end IoT device

IoT Simplified

Use Project Flogo to develop IoT Edge application with no code using the Graphical development web UI, and then to push your code, and have it deploy automatically to a float of devices

Flogo instructions

For more information on Flogo, Visit

You will learn how to build Flogo applications with the Flogo graphical Web UI. Once you've developed an application using Flogo Web UI, you can export it as a JSON file, and use this JSON file to version control your application with git.

Here, my simple application was exported and is described in the flogo-simple-app.json file

This app is a simple REST Server accepting GET requests on /hello/[Any_Name] path and replying with a greetings sentence in a JSON payload:

{"Greetings":"Welcome to Project Flogo, [Any_Name]. My name is Flynn !"} instructions

It's easy. Just follow the Getting Started instructions here, and just apply the 2 following changes:

  1. In the "Deploy Code" section, here is the repo you need to clone
$ git clone
  1. When testing the app using the public device URL, you should add '/hello/[Any_Name]' at the end of the URL
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