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Commits on Sep 1, 2009
  1. 2008/09/01 v1.21 Made tagging of objects create intermediate namespaces

    njr0 committed Sep 1, 2009
                          as required.   This affects both the command line
                          utilities and the API calls.   Still no unit tests
  2. 2008/09/01 v1.19 Added calls to the API (only) for creating

    njr0 committed Sep 1, 2009
                          (sub)namespaces, deleting (sub)namespaces and
                          fetching descriptions of namespaces.
                          These have been manually tested, but no
                          units tests have been written yet, and the
                          command line interface has neither been extended
                          to make use of these calls or to provide new
                          primatives to let users use them from the command line.
                          All this and more will come.
                          The new functions, all methods on FluidDB, are:
                          create_namespace has an option to recurse if the
                          parent doesn't exist.   Although planned for the
                          the future (and arguments have been included in the
                          function signature), delete does not currently
                          support recursive deletion or forcing (in the case
                          tags or subnamspaces exist in the namespace).
Commits on Aug 29, 2009
  1. 2008/08/26 v1.18 Yevgen did various bits of cleaning up, debugging

    njr0 committed Aug 29, 2009
                          and standardization, most notably:
                             -- Using a decorator to avoid code repition
                             -- Moving flag/option handling to use the standard
                                getopt library instead of the custom flags lib.
                             -- fixing a couple of bugs
                             -- making everything work against the sandbox
                                as well as the main instance.
                          Also made the DADGAD_ID host-dependent.
                          May get FluidDB to cache IDs associated with about
                          tags and then load at start, save at end of session.
                          The cache would improve performance, and could
                          get emptied if corrupted or if the sandbox is reset
                          or whatever.
Commits on Aug 27, 2009
  1. 2008/08/26 v1.18 Removed a couple of test lines left in

    njr0 committed Aug 27, 2009
  2. 2008/08/26 v1.17 Added blank line between objects on show -q

    njr0 committed Aug 27, 2009
                          Added -T to allow specification of an Http
                          timeout (useful at the moment, where the
                          sandbox can hang) and a default timeout of c. 300s.
                          Also, I've made the tests set the timeout to 5s
                          unless it has been set to something
                          explcitly by the user.
Commits on Aug 26, 2009
  1. 2008/08/26 v1.16 Changed import httplib2 statement to avoid

    njr0 committed Aug 26, 2009
                          strange hang when importing fdb from somewhere
                          other than the current directory through the python
                          Corrected variable used in error reporting
                          in execute show_ command.
  2. 2008/08/24 v1.15 Fixed problem with value encoding when setting tags.

    njr0 committed Aug 26, 2009
                          (The json format was specification was in the wrong
                          @paparent helped to locate the problem --- thanks.
                          Also changed things so that -host/-sand
                          and -D (debug) work when
                          running the tests; unfortunately, this works by
                          reading the global flags variable.
                          Created KNOWN-PROBLEMS file, which is not empty
                          for v1.15.
Commits on Aug 24, 2009
  1. 2008/08/24 v1.13 Fixed bug that prevented tagging with real values.

    njr0 committed Aug 24, 2009
                          Added tests for reading various values.
                          Made various minor corrections to
                          Split out test class for FDB internal unit tests
                          that don't exercise/require the FluidDB API.
                          Added command for that and documented '-v'
                          (Also, in fact, fixed and simplied the regular
                          expressions for floats and things, which were wrong.)
  2. 2008/08/24 v1.12 Fixed four tests so that they work even

    njr0 committed Aug 24, 2009
                          for user's *not* called njr...
Commits on Aug 23, 2009
  1. 2008/08/23 v1.0 Fixed fdb show -a DADGAD /id

    njr0 committed Aug 23, 2009
                          which was doubly broken.
                          Hit v1.0 by virtue of adding 0.1 to 0.9 :-)
  2. 2008/08/22 v0.9 Added GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD commands to

    njr0 committed Aug 23, 2009
                          command line interface.
                          To be honest, haven't tested most of these,
                             but get works in simple cases.
                          Added note of count of objects matching a query.
                          Added special case: '/about' expands to
                          Added count command to CLI.
                          Also, in the CLI (but not the API), you can now
                             use /id as shorthand for the object's id.
                          Changed name of createTagIfNeeded parameters
                             to createAbstractTagIfNeeded. (Thanks, Xavi!)
Commits on Aug 22, 2009
  1. 2008/08/22 v0.8 Added README and README-DELICIOUS files as

    njr0 committed Aug 22, 2009
                          a form of documentation.
  2. 2008/08/22 v0.6 Added and its friends

    njr0 committed Aug 22, 2009
                          (, delicious.cgi,
                          to the repository.   This allows all public
                          bookmarks from delicious to be uploaded to
                          FluidDB.   (In fact, a one line change would
                          allow private ones to be uploaded too, but
                          since knows nothing about permissions
                          on tags yet, that seems like a bad idea for now.)
  3. 2008/08/21 v0.5 Renamed command line command get to show to avoid

    njr0 committed Aug 22, 2009
                          clash with http GET command.
                          Plan to add raw put, get, post, delete, head commands.
                          The tests now assume that the credentials are in
                          the standard place (~/.fluidDBcredentials on unix,
                          or fluidDBcredential.ini in the home folder on
                          windows) and use that, though credentials can still
                          be provided in any of the old ways in the interface.
                          New class for testing the command line interface (CLI)
                          Can now run tests with
                              fdb         --- run all tests
                              fdb test    --- run all tests
                              fdb testcli --- test CLI only
                              fdb testcli --- test DB only
Commits on Aug 21, 2009
  1. 2008/08/21 v0.4 Added query function to execute a query against

    njr0 committed Aug 21, 2009
                          FluidDB and extended all the command line functions
                          to handle query, so that now you can tag, untag
                          and get tag values based on a query.
                          Also now specify json as the format on PUT
                          when creating tags; apparently they were binary before.
                          Also fixed things so that objects without an
                          about field can be created (I think).
                          Certainly, they don't cause an error.
                          A few other minor changes to put more sensible
                          defaults in for credentials etc., making it
                          easier to use the lirary interactively.
  2. 2008/08/20 v0.3 Reads the credentials file from the home

    njr0 committed Aug 21, 2009
                          directory (unix/windows).
                          Removed import of no-longer-used
                            (most of it was in-lined then bastardized)
                          Added ability to use the code from the command line
                          for tagging, untagging and retriving objects.
                          Currently this can be done by specifying the
                          about tag or object ID, though it will soon
                          support queries to select objects too (for some value
                          of 'soon').
                          See the USAGE string for command line usage
                          or run with the command line argument -h, or help.
  3. 2008/08/20 v0.1 Initial version. 6 tests pass

    njr0 committed Aug 21, 2009
                          Used to import 1456 objects from delicious sucessfully
    2008/08/20 v0.2       Added some path tests and new tag_path_split method.
                          Added untag_object_by_id for removing a tag.
                          Made it so that 'absolute' paths for tags can be
                          used (e.g. '/njr/rating') to denote tags, as well
                          as relative paths (e.g. 'rating').
                          Subnamespaces still not recognized by tag/untag
                          but that should change soon.
                          Also, the tests should all actually work for people
                          whose FluidDB username isn't njr now :-)
                          10 tests pass now.
  4. Initial revision.

    njr0 committed Aug 21, 2009