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Easily Test Your Node-Code

Speks is a simple specification framework and spec-runner for node.js code. Speks provides a set of should style prototype/extension methods to make test code more readable.
This is also a nice extension point for adding more sophisticated assertions in future iterations. If you want to demo, you can clone the repo, cd into the repo and run node speks.js at the command line.


  1. Add a spec/ directory to the root of your project.
  2. Copy speks.js and the lib directory to your spec/ directory.
  3. Add some specs to your spec/ directory: ex. example**_spec.js**
  4. Run your specs with the following command: node spec/speks.js

Example Spec

describe("Sephiroth", function () {

  var s = require('../spec/examples/sephiroth');

  beforeEach(function () {
    sephiroth = new s.Sephiroth();

  it("should be named 'Sephiroth'", function () {

  it("should allow name changing", function () {

  it("should be have an hp of 999", function () {

  it("should be have an mp of 999", function () {


Methods Of Interest

describe("Class/Context", func)    // main spec method
it("explain behavior", func)       // an individual spec
before(func)                       // will run once before any specs are run
beforeEach(func)                   // will run before every spec
afterEach(func)                    // will run after every spec
after(func)                        // will run after all specs and afterEach 

Command Line Options

Verbose mode: node speks.js --verbose

Single file mode: node speks.js /path/to/example_spec.js

Different spec location: node speks.js --spec-dir path/to/specs/

Two options: node speks.js /path/to/example_spec.js --verbose


  • Make a sample app
  • Create a few more should extensions
  • Create an auto-running server, like autotest/autospec

Compatible with node.js version 0.1.31