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Pizza Planet website -- fully responsive site based on fictional Toy Story pizza restaurant. Completed in spring 2016.
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Final Project


jQuery Stars Plugin

This plugin changes the normal cursor into sparkling stars!

jQuery Glow Plugin

This plugin makes text glow. I used it on all of my H1 headers.


For my custom JavaScript code, I wrote code that hides and shows content in the main element. The code hides all content in the main element except the specific div that is being targeted by the navigation link clicked. I used this so that I could have the appearance of having four different web pages while only having one HTML file.

For my custom jQuery code, I wrote code that trades out two images on mouseover. I used this for my rocket navigation buttons. The first image is the rocket without the flames coming out of the end. The second image is the rocket with the flames. When you mouse over the rocket, the images swap, and it looks like the rocket is animated.

Thanks for the good semester. This class was the most rigorous one I've had at UF so far. I was disappointed in some of the earlier classes because they were a bit too easy. This one kicked my butt, though. I had to take several vacation days off from work to do the projects! It may have been slightly TOO time consuming, but I think it's better for a class to be a little too rigorous than not rigorous enough. I want to get what I paid for, ya know?

My only complaint is that I felt a little bit demoralized when I got dinged so badly for turning something in a couple hours late. I know it's a slippery slope to allow people to take liberties with deadlines. Believe me. I know because I used to be a high school teacher (for 5 years!).

However, we're all adults here. I think a lot of us are in our 30s. We don't really need a grad school professor to teach us responsibility at this point in our lives. We either have it or we don't. It really didn't make any difference in your life whether I turned something in at midnight or 2 a.m., so why so harsh with the penalty? All I'm saying is that many of us are juggling so many things: full-time work, kids, school, etc. Sometimes life happens, and you never really know what someone is going through. Just something to think about.

I hope you don't mind my honesty.

Beyond that complaint it was a good class. Thanks for everything, and have a great summer.

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