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Ruby interface to MIT Directory
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Ruby wrapper for the MIT LDAP server. Can only be used if on the MIT campus network. Leverages tpope's wonderful Ldaptic


gem 'mit-ldap'


require 'mit-ldap'
MIT::LDAP.connect! # => true => '(uid=mrhalp)') # => any Ldaptic options/methods

# if the connection fails or expires

MIT::LDAP.connected? # => false
MIT::LDAP.connect! # => true (re-establishes connection)

Stubbing out the LDAP server in development can be difficult as it requires setting up a private LDAP server or continuously being on campus for development. This library maintains the expected interface (logger, search) that can be faked in the event where the connection cannot be made or has failed and cannot be made again.

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