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The rfm69 package provides a Go interface to an SPI-attached RFM69HCW module.

An RFM69HCW module on a convenient breakout board is available here or here.

rfm69hcw module

A Raspberry Pi add-on module with an RFM69HCW, OLED display, and pushbuttons is available here.

rfm69 radiofruit bonnet

Note that an antenna must be attached before using these modules.

The current version supports only OOK modulation (on-off keying) and a proprietary packet format (variable-length, null-terminated). Patches to support more general use are welcome.


Raspberry Pi

The default configuration for ARM CPUs corresponds to the wiring of the Adafruit RFM69HCW bonnet:

Function GPIO Header Pin
SPI0 SDO 10 19
SPI0 SDI 9 21
SPI0 SCLK 11 23
SPI0 CE1 7 26
RFM69 DIO0 22 15
RFM69 RESET 25 22

The SPI configuration corresponds to the Linux /dev/spidev0.1 device.

Intel Edison

The default configuration for 386 CPUs assumes the following wiring:

Function GPIO Mini-Breakout Pin
SPI5 SDO 115 J17-12
SPI5 SDI 114 J18-11
SPI5 SCLK 109 J17-11
SPI5 CE1 111 J17-10
RFM69 DIO0 46 J19-5
RFM69 RESET 47 J20-5

The SPI configuration corresponds to the Linux /dev/spidev5.1 device.