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Roshutsu Playing Game Translation Project

This Github repository contains the translation project for the first and second Roshutus Playing Game. It uses a RPGMaker trans for patching, so each folder in the root directory represents a patch for their respective game.

How to use

Download the repository using the green "Clone or download" button in the topright (or clone it if you're familiar with git).

Download the latest version of RPGMaker Trans and launch it

In the "Game Location" field, select the original, untranslated game.exe

In the "Patch Location" field, select the corresponding RPGMKTRANSPATCH from this repository

Hit the Go button

RPGMaker Trans will create a translated copy of the game in the selected "Translation Location" directory

How to contribute

If you're familiar with git, just use the commandline

Setting up

Making changes

untranslated strings will look like this:

> CONTEXT: Map023/events/8/pages/0/44/Dialogue < UNTRANSLATED


simply write the translation of the japanese string under the >CONTEXT line while keeping the actual game code the same, like so:

> CONTEXT: Map023/events/8/pages/0/44/Dialogue < UNTRANSLATED

Testing your changes

  • simply follow the steps from 'How to use'
  • You'll notice that after patching, the < UNTRANSLATED identifiers of the strings that you translated have now dissappeared

Get your contributions live

tips and tricks

  • F12 will reset the game to the start screen, use it to quickly restart from a savepoint
  • Use Cheat Engine to cheat some values or enable the speedhack to speed things up. Don't forget that RPGMaker stores values in memory as (ACTUAL_VALUE*2)+1
  • Use Chiitrans lite with the 'capture text from clipboard' option enabled for quick lightweight translation
  • A 100% save can be found in the repo
  • commit early, commit often
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