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.. automodule:: pants.http.websocket


.. autoclass:: WebSocket
    :members: write, write_file, write_packed, ping, close, read_delimiter, buffer_size, remote_address, local_address, on_handshake, on_connect, on_pong, on_read, on_write, on_close, on_overflow_error

    .. attribute:: is_secure

        Whether or not the underlying HTTP connection is secured.

    .. attribute:: allow_old_handshake

        Whether or not to allow clients using the old
        `draft-76 <>`_
        protocol to connect. By default, this is set to False.

        Due to the primitive design of the draft-76 version of the WebSocket
        protocol, there is significantly reduced functionality when it is
        being used.

            1.  Binary data cannot be transmitted. All communications between
                the :class:`WebSocket` instance and the remote end-point must
                take place using unicode strings.

            2.  Connections are closed immediately with no concept of close
                reasons. When you use :meth:`close` on a draft-76 WebSocket,
                it will flush the buffer and then, once the buffer empties,
                close the connection immediately.

            3.  There are no control frames, such as the PING frames created
                when you invoke :meth:`ping`.

        There are other missing features as well, such as extensions and the
        ability to fragment long messages, but Pants does not currently
        provide support for those features at this time.


.. attribute:: EntireMessage

    ``EntireMessage`` is a unique Python object that, when set as the
    :attr:`~WebSocket.read_delimiter` for a :class:`WebSocket` instance, will
    cause entire messages to be passed to the :meth:`~WebSocket.on_read` event
    handler at once.
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