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You'll need [Node.js][] version 6 or above. That's it!

Quick start

Run the following at the terminal to get started:

npm install
npm start

At this point, you should be able to visit http://localhost:8000 in your browser and see the example page.

You can modify the page's HTML at index.html, or you can edit its SASS at sass/main.scss.

Whenever you make changes to the SASS, it will automatically be compiled to CSS, and you can reload the page in your web browser to see the changes.

Building the site

Run npm run-script build to generate the site's CSS.

Deploying the site

You can deploy the site by copying all the files from the root directory of the project to a static web server. You'll probably want to exclude the .git and node_modules directories, though.

Environment variables

  • PORT defines the port for the development static file server to listen on. It defaults to 8000.

Based on

The structure and build set is directly based on uswds.