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The eCellar Designer Widget system provides a way for you to easily add a full range of eCellar functionality to your winery web site, including:

- Product and Category Browsing
- Shopping Cart
- Checkout
- Club Signups
- Allocations
- Reservations
- Magic Links
- Mailing List Signups
- Customer Account Management
- and more…

Designer Widgets are designed to fit nicely into your site, inheriting the site’s styling. They have been tested with WordPress, Squarespace and other CMS systems, and also work great on 100% custom sites.

You may optionally change the styling, HTML markup and wording for every component. We’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for you to create something that you love.

To sign up for Designer Widgets access, request an API Key or call us at 866-575-4500.

To begin using Designer Widgets, go to our 01 Getting Started page or browse the 00 Table of Contents.