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New Crowdin translations
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feruzm committed Mar 23, 2020
2 parents 2508f08 + 9302244 commit a741554c91a58fb917f1267e08a7f135b0f2af55
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@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
"about": "About"
"entry-index": {
"tags": "Popular",
"tags": "人気",
"filter-trending": "トレンド",
"filter-hot": "ホット",
"filter-created": "新着",
@@ -168,17 +168,17 @@
"section-points": "ポイント",
"top-posts": "トップ記事",
"unclaimed-rewards": "未請求の報酬",
"estimated-value": "The estimated value is based on a 7 day average value of Hive.",
"estimated-value": "推定価格は、Hiveの7日間の平均価格に基づいています。",
"steem": "Hive",
"steem-description": "HIVE are tradeable tokens that may be transferred at anytime. HIVE can be converted to Hive Power in a process called powering up.",
"steem-power": "Hive Power",
"steem-power-description": "Hive Power are influence tokens that earn more power for holding long term and voting on posts. The more Hive Power one holds, the more one can influence other’s rewards and earn rewards for accurate voting.",
"steem-power-delegated": "Delegated Hive Power",
"steem-power-received": "Received Hive Power",
"steem-description": "HIVEはいつでも送金や取引が可能なトークンです。HIVEはパワーアップと呼ばれるプロセスで、Hiveパワーに変換することができます。",
"steem-power": "Hiveパワー",
"steem-power-description": "Hiveパワーは長期保有や投稿に投票することで、より大きな影響力を得ることができるトークンです。より多くのHiveパワーを保有することで、他の人の報酬に影響を与えることができ、投票による報酬を得ることができます。",
"steem-power-delegated": "委託されたHiveパワー",
"steem-power-received": "受領したHiveパワー",
"next-power-down-amount": "次のパワーダウン額",
"steem-power-total": "Total Hive Power",
"steem-dollars": "Hive Dollars",
"steem-dollars-description": "Tokens worth about $1.00 of HIVE.",
"steem-power-total": "Hiveパワーの合計",
"steem-dollars": "Hiveドル",
"steem-dollars-description": "約1ドル相当のHIVEと同じ価値を持つトークンです。",
"savings": "貯蓄口座",
"savings-description": "引き出しに3日間の待ち時間が必要となる貯蓄口座です。",
"next-power-down": "次のパワーダウンは{time} {amount}",
@@ -197,8 +197,8 @@
"transfer": "送金",
"transfer-to-savings": "貯蓄口座に送る",
"power-up": "パワーアップ",
"withdraw-steem": "Withdraw Hive",
"withdraw-sbd": "Withdraw Hive Dollar",
"withdraw-steem": "Hiveを引き出す",
"withdraw-sbd": "Hiveドルを引き出す",
"delegate": "委託",
"power-down": "パワーダウン",
"point-history": "履歴",
@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@
"points-transfer": "ポイントを贈る",
"points-get": "ESTMを購入",
"witness-voting": "Witness",
"sps-voting": "DHF Voting",
"sps-voting": "DHF投票",
"profile-editor": "プロフィール編集",
"password": "パスワード"
@@ -495,12 +495,12 @@
"transfer": {
"transfer-title": "アカウントに送金",
"transfer-estm-title": "アカウントへ贈る",
"transfer-sub-title": "Move funds to another Hive account",
"transfer-sub-title": "別のHiveアカウントに資金を移動します",
"transfer-saving-title": "貯蓄口座に送る",
"transfer-saving-sub-title": "引き出しに3日間の待ち時間を設けて資金を守ります",
"withdraw-saving-title": "貯蓄を引き出す",
"withdraw-saving-sub-title": "3日間の待ち時間の後に資金を引き出す",
"power-up-title": "Convert to Hive Power",
"power-up-title": "Hiveパワーに変換",
"power-up-sub-title": "投稿への支払額の制御権を持ち、キュレーション報酬を得ることが可能になる、影響力を持つトークンです。",
"from": "From",
"from-placeholder": "ユーザーを選択",
@@ -532,7 +532,7 @@
"delegate": {
"title": "委託",
"sub-title": "Delegate Hive Power",
"sub-title": "委託されたHiveパワー",
"slider-help": "スライダーをドラッグして金額を調整",
"confirm-title": "委託の確認",
"confirm-sub-title": "すべて正しいか確認してください",
@@ -545,7 +545,7 @@
"power-down": {
"title": "パワーダウン",
"sub-title": "Power Down Hive Power",
"sub-title": "Hiveパワーをパワーダウン",
"account": "アカウント",
"incoming-funds": "入ってくる資金",
"begin": "パワーダウン開始",
@@ -569,10 +569,10 @@
"search-placeholder": "ユーザーを検索"
"delegated-list": {
"title": "Delegated hive power from @{n}"
"title": "委託されたhiveパワー @{n}"
"delegatee-list": {
"title": "Delegated hive power to @{n}"
"title": "委託したhiveパワー @{n}"
"estm-purchase": {
"title": "ESTM購入",

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