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Releases: ecency/esteem-surfer

Ecency desktop update

Ecency desktop update

Ecency desktop

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Rebranding and completely new desktop application based on new website.


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  • package name change
  • image upload fix
  • rpc timeout improvements
  • download update fix for some windows machines
  • windows 32 bit support


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  • community posting tags
  • 10 tags and removable tag list on editor
  • image upload changes/improvements
  • added convert HBD
  • dhive failover package update
  • private keys hierarchy fix
  • post renderer improvements
  • update Hive + screenshot + supported systems, etc.
  • update FAQ and link to relevant post


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  • new hivesigner
  • brand letters change
  • market data update for HIVE and HBD
  • new version of renderer
  • address parser update
  • exchange label update
  • protocol handler update
  • @hivechain/dsteem update
  • sps updates
  • fixes for transfer
  • lang file updates
  • asset rename to HIVE and HBD
  • some refactoring
  • surfer name removed from package.json
  • storage key changed for server selection
  • fix for node list
  • new node list, new version, new default server
  • default hive node update
  • updates for hivesigner
  • macos dmg background update and hivesigner
  • image updates
  • "surfer" name removed
  • removed deprecated filters
  • language additions and fixes
  • release notes script


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  • New Signup
  • New Profile Editor
  • New Password Update
  • New Lithuanian, Chinese (s/t), Indonesian, Serbian, Yoruba, Ukrainian, Turkish, Swedish, Japanese, Hungarian, French, Italian, Hebrew
  • Improved Performance improvements
  • Improved Visual Corrections
  • Fixed Minor bugs


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  • New Purchase ESTM with STEEM and SBD
  • New SPS (Steem Proposal System) Voting
  • New Downvote button
  • New Reading time indicator
  • New Tag limit increased to 7
  • New Beneficiary decrease
  • New Romanian & Malay language support
  • Improved Sponsored posts visuals
  • Improved Link sharing to our
  • Fixed Minor bugs


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  • ESTM Transfer (Gift)
  • Promote
  • Boost
  • Leaderboard update
  • Following / followers window improvements
  • Account delete on login window
  • New editor context menu
  • Post history
  • Reblog indicator and list window
  • Lots of bug fixes


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