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Ecere SDK v0.44 -
Linux Installation Notes
1. Make sure you place the content of the ecere/bin in your PATH and
ecere/lib in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
2. The Linux runtime has dependencies on libX11, libXrender, libGL, libjpeg,
libz, libgif, libfreetype, libncurses, and
3. Indexed Color depths are not supported in the X driver.
24/16/15bpp are now all working.
4. You'll need a monospace font which fontconfig can match to "Courier New"
or the code editor text will be extremely small. See
for free fonts download links.
5. The default display driver on X makes use of the XRender system, which
may have various level of performance or useability depending on the X display
drivers in use. In particular, the closed source accelerated nVidia drivers
rendered the glyphs sometimes as solid blocks on a GeForce 8800GT. This should
be resolved in beta driver version 177.70 and newer.
6. The text rendering performance with some drivers (including the nVidia
drivers) is not what it should be either, and either a future release of the
driver or a future version of the SDK will fix this. In the meantime, the
OpenGL driver has been enabled in the IDE and can be selected through the
View/Drivers menu for better performance. Ecere applications now also check
the environment variable ECERE_DRIVER which will override the default.
Setting it to OpenGL will make all Ecere applications use it by default.
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