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Ddp.NET is a library for connecting your .NET applications to a Meteor server.

The documentation assumes you are already familiar with Meteor; if you are not familiar, refer to the Meteor Documentation.


Ddp.NET works on the following platforms:

  • .NET 4.5
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Phone 8.1


  • All major DDP features are supported: connect to a server, login, create a collection, subscribe to data, modify collections, call server methods, and more
  • Collections are strongly typed
  • Collections events are handled automatically in the background; Ddp.NET will keep all the collections up to date with the latest events from the server
  • Easy integration with WPF/XAML- Ddp.NET collections are ObservableCollections, meaning the UI can easily react to changes, and provides easy integration into existing frameworks


Easiest method to get started is to use nuget:

Install-Package DdpNet


Here are a couple of quick examples of how to perform common Ddp.NET operations:

Connect to a Meteor server

MeteorClient client = new MeteorClient(new Uri("ws://localhost:3000/websocket"));
await client.ConnectAsync();

Create a typed collection

DdpCollection<Post> posts = client.GetCollection<Post>("posts");


await client.Subscribe("posts");

Call a server method

await client.Call("someMethodName");

Login with username & password

await client.LoginPassword("userName", "password");

Modify a collection

// Add a new item
Post post = new Post("Github", "");
string id = await posts.AddAsync(post);

// Update the item with a dictionary of fields
var fieldsToUpdate = new Dictionary<string, object>()
	{ "Title", "Github Homepage" }
await posts.UpdateAsync(id, fieldsToUpdate);

// Or update with another object
Post updatedPost = new Post("Github2", "");
await posts.UpdateAsync(id, updatedPost);

// Remove the item
await posts.RemoveAsync(id);

Getting Started

Head to the Wiki for more information on using Ddp.NET.

The source code also includes a couple of sample applications using Ddp.NET. One is a WPF application that connects to the Meteor Leaderboard example. The other is a Windows 8.1 application that connects to a Microscope application (the application built in The Meteor Book).

Building Ddp.NET will require Visual Studio 2013 and >= .NET 4.5.

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