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Section under construction

Currently, Java is the only available scripting language. It allows to specify the behaviour of tasks by writting Java scripts. Each script is a class that extends the RunnerImpl class.

Impacts on project

When Java is enabled on a Workflow Project, it creates the following files:

File Purpose
src/ Directory containing Java source files.
META-INF/MANIFEST.MF Defines project's dependencies, including EKumi's API. Defines the files to include when the project is packaged as a binary.

The Java and Plugin natures are also added to the project. That enables the Java builder to compile the sources and allows the dependencies toward EKumi API to be resolved.

Script implementation

A new script can be added to a task by specifying the class' canonical name as script id. The class must extend the RunnerImpl class as in the example below:

Dependency Injection

Java scripts can be injected with some environment objects. Currently two objects can be injected:

  • Events: allows to send specific events and to register new listener
  • ExecutionStatus: allows to check the current status of the execution (failed, cancelled, etc.)