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Laser Testbed

Canny edge detector output via laser projector Above: Canny edge detector output via the laser projector.

This codebase contains various experiments that I have run on the laser projector. If I like something, it'll be broken out into its own project and possibly ported to a compiled langauge.

Early on, this code served as a tool for me to study the behavior of the galvos. For all intents and purposes, there's nothing further to be done here. This was all experimental and remains merely a self-learning tool that I utilized in the past.

Occasionally when I want to write something quickly, I'll come back to this code. But I expect future work to be done with Light Engine once I've finished.

Libraries, License, etc.

My code is MIT-licensed, however some of the includes may not be.

Batteries Included:

  • Jacob's GPL-licensed daclib code for the EtherDream DAC.
  • Several Graffiti Markup Language (GML) files from

Still Required:

  • PyGML for the GML/graffiti demos
  • OpenCV for the image processing code
  • A parent's permission

My other (better) laser stuff

  • Laser Asteroids is a game loosely based on the arcade classic "Asteroids" that I programmed for the Fall 2012 Georgia Game Jam.
  • Light Engine work in progress lasing engine in C++. This project aims to become a fast 2D laser graphics engine for videogames, realtime drawing, and other interactive applications.


Learning how to use the laser






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